New York Now

February 24, 2013

Show Floor NY NOWIndustrial Jewellery1510905_760737137287591_601970797_nny nowAn epic snowstorm hit New York the morning I arrived. It was amazing the plane could land at all, and as a matter of fact, we circled JFK airport for half an hour while the biggest plows I’d ever seen cleared the runway. It’s a good thing I don’t fear traveling in adverse weather, because I would have never made it to New York Now at the Javits Center. This enormous market used to be called the New York International Gift Fair, but the new name is much better fit.

I went in search of exciting new jewelers for Mora, but kept my expectations low. Would there be anything that I hadn’t seen before? Could anything fit with the exceptional new jewelers Mora has added this year? Would anything grab the heart of Mora’s amazing customers? It delights me to report that NY Now with a blizzard of “yes” to all of these questions.

In the next month or two, be prepared to see the fruits of this excursion. Five new jewelry lines will be coming to Mora, and the anticipation is huge! We are welcoming our first international designers, three outstanding jewelers from the United Kingdom. Much of their work has never been available in the US before, and we are so excited to debut it at Mora! Here’s a bit of a tease of what’s coming. We will be sure to let you know as soon as it arrives!

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